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What's Inside - FALL 2019
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- Both the Email Order Form and the Pay with Crypto links are now accessible on the left menu of the main and product pages. When clicked, they allow for easy cross reference of any product by leaving the original page open. You also have the alternative of using the shopping cart.

- Celebrate October with Black, Gold and Silver. Order 500 and 1000 card sets of gold or silver foil business cards on black gloss stock at a special low price. Access the special here or via our Top Level Domain, Foil.Ink℠.

- Border X Press West℠ has acquired W3ST.Co. All products and services offered thru Border X Press West℠ are now located at Visit Border X Press West℠ for quality Banners, Decals, Signage, Badges, Awards, Gifts, and Stamps.

- USD Coin is now integrated into the 'Pay with Crypto(currency)' and you no longer have to email for specific instructions when paying with USDC.

- Fall is filled with COLOR! Border X Press™ owns and operates Raised.Ink℠. We are running a special featuring business cards with up to thirty raised ink colors on the front side for the same low price regardless of the amount of inks selected!!! In addition, heavy ink coverage, bleeds, registration, reverses and/or printing on the back in flat ink is available at no extra charge. Take advantage of the special here or at Raised.Ink℠.

- Border X Press™ is currently exploring three more digital assets and one stablecoin. We intend to add them as acceptable payment methods by the end of Q4 2019. Fungibility, volume, community activity and real-world use case, preferably with an actual working product or mainnet already in place are the qualities sought. Moving forward, price performance and volatility will continue to have no effect on our selections. We plan to implement the changes before the Christmas Holiday Season.

- The 'Pay with Crypto(currency)' link has been further integrated into our family of websites and is now available for Border X Press West℠, Border X Press East℠ and The secure payment link opens up in a new window, allowing for simple and easy ordering of any product.

- It is 2019 and we have dumped our Fax Machine! Fax ordering has been replaced with two options: the Email Order form and the Pay with Crypto(currency) link.

- More to come as Fall moves along. Check back often for the latest updates and product offerings.

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Customer Comments

"The business cards just arrived. I've been in need of business cards for many years but have had zero luck finding the design and style I had many years ago locally. I wanted a simple, classic card on good paper stock with raised lettering and the added pop of foil. You guys nailed it perfectly!"
John - Hamilton

"The folders are great. The foil is superb and the order was delivered in a timely manner... THANK YOU!!"
Maria - Los Angeles

"The order looks great and arrived here in the UK well packaged and in first class condition. Thank you for your excellent, stress-free service."
Lynne - Redruth

"I used your services before... now working at this new firm and wanted to say thanks for making me look so good. Order reference ****-****-****. I am fully satisfied once again! Thank you."
S.B. - New York City

"Thank you for the speedy service... Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank YOU!!!"
Pierre - Paris

"I was pleased to find that your company would work with (my) art... I was even MORE pleased when the business cards arrived in a matter of only a few days - and looking so great! Thank you!"
Janet - Walsenburg

"...writing to say thanks much for the very fast, professional and affordable job!"
Roger - Diego Garcia

"...I am VERY pleased with my order. It came out precisely as I hoped and the service and shipping was speedy and courteous. Thank you very much."
Arnold - Baltimore

"I am pleased (with) the quality of printing and my order... your level (of) service is quite remarkable!"
Thang - Singapore

"Thank you for taking the extra time (and) working with my custom artwork. Your order page was easy to understand and use. The special attention to detail on the finished product is awesome! ...greatest foil job I've seen."
Richard - Honolulu

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